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underwater support

Mitchell’s Professional Diving Services Co Ltd offers a wide range of underwater support and mooring and unmooring services. We cater to both the commercial and industrial diving professionals across all sectors. Thanks to our modern resources comprising of top-notch equipment, we can customise each service to the needs of our customers.


Ship Husbandry

We offer cleaning and maintenance services as well as the general upkeep of the hull of vessels. We also do underwater hull cleaning to remove debris, barnacles, and biological roughness or fouling.


Salvage And Repair

Our salvage and repair services include the recovery of items or structures or boats fallen or sunk into the water. We also repair damaged underwater pipelines, pile jackets, and platforms legs.


Anode Retrofitting

A protective material, the anode is attached to the underwater pipeline, platform legs and also to the bottom surface of ships in order to protect the original material structure from eroding.


Underwater Burning

We offer underwater burning services for conducting offshore repairs and construction work such as cutting of sheet piles, and ferrous and non-ferrous material including concrete, rock, barnacle and other sea growth.


Underwater Inspection

We offer diverse underwater inspection services using state-of-the-art equipment. Trust us for the best services including ultrasonic surveys, cathodic protection surveys, and marine structure damage surveys.


Underwater Videography And Photography

Using underwater video camera systems, we can inspect and record any project that our customers want. We also provide still photos using underwater still cameras and housings.


Underwater Welding (Dry/Wet)

Our underwater welding services help repair ships, offshore platforms, and pipelines. The job is done under the water through hyperbaric welding either in a wet environment or in a dry environment inside a pressure enclosure.


Mechanical Pipeline Riser And Repair

Offshore pipelines and risers are under constant risk of damage. Trust our mechanical professionals for all the underwater repair, maintenance, installation of subsea pipeline (seabed) and riser pipeline (vertical).


Mooring And Unmooring Of LNG Tankers

We anchor and fasten vessels or ships to the fixture with rope at Atlantic LNG (at the jetty in Point Fortin). We release and cast lines upon filling of tankers on board, following the the instructions of caption or pilot.


Armor Plate

Trust our trained field installation crew to install smartly engineered armour plates. This will serve as a protective barrier to corrosion and will also facilitate the structural re-enforcement for platform legs.

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